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Meaning of Your Name

I remember asking someone when I was about 8 years old what my name meant. Their answer was, “Nina? Nothing!” This memory has stayed with me for a long time mostly because I was looking for affirmation. I was looking for someone to give my life meaning and to know I was loved. This is why I encourage you to take some time and look up the meaning of your name. I think this is a great beauty in who you are as an individual. Names in the bible were really significant and telling about that individual’s character. For instance, the name Jesus literally means “Messiah and Savior” (http://www.bible-codes.org/Names-Bible-Prophecy-Code.htm).

Here are some tips:

1)   Search different sites. Here are a couple: http://www.thinkbabynames.com/ http://babynamesworld.parentsconnect.com/quick-search.html?navid=BNW_rightRail

2)   Find POSITIVE definitions.

3)   If your name is spelled differently than what is most common, then take the closest one.

4)   If you have a unique name, then try breaking it down. For example, the name “Jaelynne” can be broken down into Jae and Lynne or Lynn.

Once you have your definition, write it down and put it where you can see it. It may serve as a reminder in those times when you need it most.

Also, put your definition in a comment below. I would love to hear what your name means. Happy hunting!

Nina = grace, pretty eyes, and little girl (I personally like these definitions better)

Nina Daugherty

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