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Tips on How To Date Your Boyfriend The Purity Way


Tips on How To Date Your Boyfriend The Purity Way


Dating really is a way to get to know each other. It’s a way to build memories and set a nice foundation for your relationship. Here are a few tips to help you along while still being able to maintain your decision to remain sexually pure:


Tip #1 Go out in groups– The best way to avoid temptation is to make sure you are NOT alone AND you are with people who respect you and your decision. Being with like-minded friends is important because it eliminates peer pressure and encourages positive behavior.

Tip #2 Give yourselves a curfew- The later it gets in the night, the easier it is to make risky decisions like falling asleep together. Having a time limit will hold you accountable and it helps make better use of your time together.

Tip #3 Stay out of each other’s bedrooms- The reason you are dating is to make memories together. If you get in the habit of hanging out in each other’s rooms, then it will be that much harder to do things that are active and distracting. Of course I don’t have to tell you that being in a bedroom is a recipe for disaster.

Tip #4 Do something creative- You can create something like a T-shirt or bracelet for the other person as a keepsake. You can create something for the community or your church like a mural. Either way you are keeping your hands busy and away from each other’s bodies! Yeah, I said it! 😉

Tip #5 Volunteer together- Now this might not be your typical date but its always nice to someone in a different setting and how well (or not) they react to it. Helping someone out can create a positive and long-lasting memory.

Tip #6 Set boundaries and Re-set when needed- If you both understand your boundaries (more on this in a later article) from the beginning then there will less of chance for embarrassment and hurt feelings. Also, you may have to re-set boundaries. For instance, when my husband and I first started dating sitting on the couch watching a movie was fine but after a few months and those warm fuzzy feelings this was no longer a great idea. We re-set our boundaries.

Tip #7 Try something new- You can either try something new together or learn something new from each other. This not only helps you to keep busy but it also allows you to learn new about the other person. Go snowboarding, kayaking, cook a culture rich food, or paint something. The possibilities are endless!


Well there you have it! I hope this gives you an idea of how to begin your relationship off right. Happy dating!

Nina Daugherty

Jesus, family, ministry, and lots of coffee! My heart comes from being a young teen girl who didn't know much and found Jesus in a dark time. My ministry focuses on the heart of God for this generation to make Godly decisions especially in the area of purity. A blog for all ages because God's Word is eternal and has no age limit!




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