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Which Type of Girl Are You?: Signs That You May Be Wasting Your Time



Which Type of Girl Are You?: Signs That You May Be Wasting Your TimeĀ 

There are times in everyone’s life where we come to a crossroads with someone we really care about. We start to ask questions regarding our role in their life. One of the most popular being, “Am I wasting my time?” Here are some character traits that may give you an idea on who you may be in that person’s life:

1) The Ego Stroking Sally– You are the person he calls when he breaks up with his girlfriend. He may already know you like him so he keeps you around because you compliment him, flirt with him, make him feel special, in the meantime. However, when the next little Miss Something comes around all of a sudden he’s nowhere to be found. He stops answering your texts, you’ve memorized his voicemail, and Facebook messages go unanswered.

2) Kissing Kensey– You are the person he calls when he wants to please himself. If this was Jersey Shore, your best friend would be the cab. He uses your body and then gets rid of you. The only “quality” time you have with him is either under the sheets, naked, behind the school, or in his car. His friends know who you are and your presence will most likely bring on an on slue of snickers. One of them may have approached you already for your services.

3) Money Martha– You are the one he goes to when he needs money for something, anything. He wants to eat something in the cafeteria, he takes you to the mall and somehow you end up paying for the movie and snacks, he really really really likes that shirt so you end up getting it for him. Whenever you are around him, your wallet feels a lot lighter.

4) Homework Heather– You are the person with all the answers…literally. He forgot that there was a project due and he’ll get into a lot of trouble if it isn’t handed in. Once again, you come to his rescue and do it for him. He sits next to you during tests and you allow him to cheat off you. You spent all night finishing your assignments while he did whatever he wanted and has the luxury of swag walking to class and copying your answers.

5) Advising Amy– You are the one he comes to for advice about dating other girls. You are the ear that will listen to whatever help he needs to get closer with someone who is not you. You try your best to keep your feelings hidden so you can get the inside scoop of where he is at with his relationship. Hoping that one day it will be your turn.

6) Rebound Rhonda– You are the one he came to either right after or pretty close to his breakup. It may happen once or a lot of times. You can be both Ego Stroking Sally and Combination Crystal. Your time with him doesn’t last long or is very sporadic. He go months without calling you until he’s lonely.

7) Garbage Pail Pam– You are the one he calls when he wants dump all his negative feelings out. Either he’s had a bad day, bad hour, bad minute. He calls you to whine, complain, possibly yell at, and hangs up feeling better while you are left an emotional mess. He has transferred his bad mood to you and people notice it.

8) Combination Crystal– You can be any of the one girls above at any time without the prestigious title of girlfriend (in Kissing Kensey’s role wife). At any time, you would do any of these things just for some time with him. However, there is no progress in the relationship regardless of how many of these roles you play.

Regardless of these titles, I will tell you who you are according to what God says. You are the Princess of the Almighty King and you deserve better. Time is the one thing that cannot be bought, taken back, fast-forwarded, or messed with in any way. Stop wasting these precious moments of life on someone who won’t treat you like the Princess you are. You know you found the right person when he is able to do these things and chooses not to. Either because he truly is a friend, he values your worth as a lady or even romantically, he is a gentleman, or all of the above. If you find yourself in any of these characters, check out this article to help you find the road to freedom.

“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works;
my soul knows it very well” (Psalm 139:14, NIV).

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