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Bible Review: The Jesus Bible

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My first bible review ever is on The Jesus Bible. I’m a bible nerd through and through so when an opportunity came to review The Jesus Bible, I jumped on it. I was sent The Jesus Bible for free as a member of the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid and all I had to do was write an honest bible review about it. You can find it here or by clicking on any of the images below.

This is the first time I heard of this Bible, so I definitely wanted the opportunity to check it out. I chose to review the ESV Version of The Jesus Bible and here is what I think:

Bible Review: The Jesus Bible

First impression:

Wow! The outside is stunning. I’m a creative at heart, love beautiful artistic expression, and things that are done well. This is exactly what the outside of The Jesus Bible is. Even my oldest teen daughter, who is an Art Major and super picky about the way things look artistically, remarked on how stunning the artwork was. This artwork is accredited to Britt Bass. Well done Britt! * rises from my chair with a revered slow clap *

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The watercolor and gold etched design of the cross made all of our mouths drop at first impression and that is no exaggeration. I literally didn’t want to take it out of the box. I touched each page like I was handling a newborn baby. It is so darn pretty. I can’t imagine any teenager, young adult, or parent for that matter having an issue with this design. The NIV Version has a different color palette (which I personally don’t have in person) but I’m sure it looks equally as pretty in real life.

I do have to say it would appeal more to a girl than a boy. I’m not sure what the NIV version of this watercolor design looks like in real life but I would probably choose that one for a guy but again I haven’t seen it in real life so I’m not sure if it’s more feminine in design than masculine. However, if you click the link down anywhere in this post or click on the images, it will take you to the place to purchase it and there are other more masculine designs if you are looking for The Jesus Bible for a guy in your life so definitely check that out!

The Jesus Bible


There is gold (not real gold…the kind found on most bibles…which I think should be required because I mean it’s the Word of God, amirite?! Lollol…just kidding…sort of) on theThe Jesus Bible Bible Review #biblereview #thejesusbible #biblesforteenagers biblerecommendations outside top edge, fore edge, and bottom edge. It’s bound in a “leathersoft” material that has stitching all the way around the borders.

It’s a leather material that looks like it’s going to last and not the type that ends up flaking off after much use. You know the pieces you end up finding all over your purse, favorite cozy blankie, or clothes. Ugh, so annoying when that happens! It’s refreshing to see quality and it smells good too. I took a few whiffs. I know I’m not the only one who smells bibles and books. Are you even a book nerd if you don’t? Comment below with an “Amen” if you know what I’m saying!


I could almost hear the choir of angels singing when I opened The Jesus Bible and then I realized I had Christmas music on. I had only turned to few places in The Jesus Biblewhen I couldn’t help but squeal like a school girl excited for her Christmas pageant. I need to break this baby down so go on and scroll…


The Jesus Bible Bible Review #biblereview #thejesusbible #biblesforteenagers #biblerecommendations

I love how The Jesus Bible gives you an introduction to its contents and background information including a synopsis from Louie Giglio himself about how Jesus Christ is the beautiful thread sown in and through every book of the bible. Make sure to read that if you get this bible.

The Jesus Bible Bible Review #biblereview #thejesusbible #biblesforteenagers #biblerecommendations

It also gives you a rundown about the ESV version in case anyone wants to know the difference between that version and another one. Great for beginners or intermediate believers (Is there such a thing? You know what I mean…those who just became a Christian and those who have been rocking Christianity for a while but may not know these things)! As a Seminary student, it was great to find this here.

Side Bar:

The Jesus Bible Bible Review #biblereview #thejesusbible #biblesforteenagers #biblerecommendations

The Side Bar, the space on the side of the scripture, will either give you room for personal notes, not like the bigger journaling bibles where people do full art pieces on, but more like if you just want to jot a quick thought down. It will either have space for that purpose or they will have a snippet of information that goes a little more in depth about the text.

It’s called The Jesus Bible for a reason so they are going to show you the thread of how Jesus Christ is shown in both the New and Old Testament, hence the name The Jesus Bible, and what a beautiful Name it isssssss…you see what I did there?!!

The Jesus Bible Bible Review #biblereview #thejesusbible #biblesforteenagers #biblerecommendations


The Jesus Bible Bible Review #biblereview #thejesusbible #biblesforteenagers #biblerecommendations

The Jesus Bible has two satin, slim, ribbon book marks sewn into the bible so when your Pastor asks you to hold the place in one book while turning to another you don’t feel like you have to choose between two children or desperately look for a receipt, gum wrapper, or autumn leaf to hold your places. One is teal green and the other is a light lime green. So pretty!

The typography is great and easy to read even with it being 8.7 type size. I guess it really depends on your eyesight but I personally didn’t have an issue with it. There’s different typography throughout which is appealing to the eye and really works with the aesthetic of The Jesus Bible in whole.

The Jesus Bible Bible Review #biblereview #thejesusbible #biblesforteenagers #biblerecommendations


The Jesus Bible Bible Review #biblereview #thejesusbible #biblesforteenagers #biblerecommendations

The back includes a small concordance to look up some words in the bible and get the scripture references. Although it’s a small concordance, it still gives you a good amount of words you can find without reaching for your phone to check google for a certain scripture. Most of us know, once we reach for our phone we get distracted so this is great if you want to stay focused.

It also has a place to write some personal notes, prayers, dreams, or whatever your little heart desires. The area for this is literally called NOTES and has 7 pages for you to do so. It is found all the way to the back of The Jesus Bible.

The Jesus Bible Bible Review #biblereview #thejesusbible #biblesforteenagers #biblerecommendations

Final Thoughts:

As someone whose mind somehow can still think like a teenager, who didn’t grow up in church, is a bible nerd, and is currently a student at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, I can appreciate this bible at so many levels because it touches so many levels. Whether you are a new believer, have been walking this journey for a minute, or a student at Seminary, you are going to appreciate all The Jesus Bible has to offer.

It has something for everyone, I mean besides it being the Word of God, it gives you more insight to text, helps you think more deeply about the words used in the Bible and its context, and it gives examples of how words are broken down as if you were doing a Word Study (practice by which you go into the Hebrew or Greek meaning of the word and truly pick it apart to make sure you are in the right context of the word), and has insights from popular names like Louie Giglio and Ravi Zacharias.

The Jesus Bible Bible Review #biblereview #thejesusbible #biblesforteenagers #biblerecommendations

Overall, I love this bible. I think it’s going to be my new devotional bible. Is there such a thing of loving too many bibles? It’s like my children. I love them all the same for all different types of reasons.

I would definitely buy this particular design of The Jesus Bible for myself and any teen girl or woman in my life. I would also probably buy a more masculine design for any of the young men in my life. Here’s the link in case you want to get it for yourself or someone in your life:

Baskets of Blessings,

Nina Daugherty

Nina Daugherty

Jesus, family, ministry, and lots of coffee! My heart comes from being a young teen girl who didn't know much and found Jesus in a dark time. My ministry focuses on the heart of God for this generation to make Godly decisions especially in the area of purity. A blog for all ages because God's Word is eternal and has no age limit!




  • Ángela Uribe

    Amen!! Best review ever! Also smells bibles an books! lol ! I bought mine and I’m eagerly waiting for it to arrive. I plan using it for my Grow groups…as my church motto is Follow Jesus, Grow with Jesus and Live for Jesus.

    • Nina Daugherty

      That’s so awesome to hear! I’m so glad I’m not the only one. Lollol! Love that motto!

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