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Youth Bible: Bible Review for NKJV Personal Size End-of-Verse Reference Bible

Finding Youth Bibles can feel overwhelming which is why we do Bible Reviews here. Although they may not specifically say “Youth Bible” it doesn’t mean the Bible won’t be a good fit for Youth or Young Adults. The NKJV Personal Size End-of-Verse Reference Bible could be a great Youth Bible and keep on reading for reasons why. You can click on the link to purchase your own or for a gift for someone else.

***Please note:  I was sent the NKJV Personal Size End-of-Verse Reference Bible for free as a member of the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid.***

This doesn’t change my perspective on this Bible. My top two favorite aspects of this Bible is its readability in its typeface, especially for those who are sensitive to small lettering either due to poor eye sight or comfort preference when reading, and the other reason being if you get easily distracted by added information like commentary or devotional inserts, this is strictly scripture so you can focus on reading the Word of God. I explain more down below.

Youth Bible: Bible Review for NKJV Personal Size End-of-Verse Reference Bible

I don’t know about you but I love a great unboxing and this is how the NKJV Personal Size End-of-Verse Reference Bible came. I felt like I was unboxing royalty. I mean it is a Bible so technically I am but all of that to say the presentation was stunning.


This NKJV Personal Size End-of-Verse Reference Bible is made from Premium Goatskin Leather. The feel of this Bible is nothing like I’ve felt before. It’s so soft and feels durable. Unfortunately, with other Bibles I have had, the cover starts to disintegrate after time leaving behind a crumbly mess from the imitation leather. I don’t believe this will happen with the NKJV Personal Size End-of-Verse Reference Bible which is great as a Youth Bible because it’s one you can carry with you into your Young Adult era or even pass on because you have the ability to REGISTER your bible! I have yet to see this with any other Bible I have received or purchased. The publishers have guaranteed the quality of your bible for life as you can see written on the card in the photo.

The pages which you can see on the side have this beautiful gold/reddish pink iridescent color and when it hits the sunlight it gleams. So beautiful! It also comes with 3 ribbon bookmarks which I always appreciate especially when needing to flip back and forth between scriptures during a sermon or bible study.

I also appreciate the typeface so much because I have poor eyesight and I don’t have to strain to read. This may work for teens as their Youth Bible who also have the same issues I do with their eyesight or prefer a larger typeface in general.

The NKJV Personal Size End-of-Verse Reference Bible also has maps and a concordance in the back. It does not have commentary or study bible resources but it is red letter. Red letter means the words of Jesus Christ are not printed in black but red letter so you know it is Him Who is speaking. I always appreciate that in Bibles.

Overall, I think this is a great option for a Youth Bible. Even though, it doesn’t have commentary, added resources, quotes, or devotional material I have to say I appreciate that because we can get easily distracted by reading these added resources that we don’t actually end up reading the scriptures for themselves. If you want a bible that only has scriptures and nothing added other than the maps and concordance, the NKJV Personal Size End-of-Verse Reference Bible is a great option.

Baskets of Blessings,

Nina Daugherty

Nina Daugherty

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