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Bible Review: NIV Artisan Collection Bible for Girls

Here is another bible review and this time I am reviewing a bible from the NIV Artisan Collection Bible for Girls which you can find here. This particular bible is geared toward teen girls (8-12), but I honestly think anyone can use this NIV Artisan Collection Bible because there are no extra added commentaries or devotionals inside where it would’ve been written in a young girl or teenager’s perspective. It’s the NIV version of the Bible (obviously hence the NIV at the beginning) with added space for journaling or bible journal art.

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I was given this NIV Artisan Collection Bible for Girls for free to a bible review on as a member of BG2 #BibleGatewayPartner. Whoot, whoot!!! My only challenge, if I were to take, would be to give an honest review. Reviewing a bible for free?! Yes, please!

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I have to say we were also encouraged to do some artwork in the sides and show it off but I’m going to be honest and say, “This girl has no idea how to do artwork in the Bible.” I’m def a bible/book nerd so unless I had some awesome skills in art journaling, I’m not going to be touching those beautiful empty spaces. Lollol!

Stay tuned! This may change.

Here we go! The Bible Review for the NIV Artisan Collection Bible for Girls!

Bible Review for the NIV Artisan Collection Bible for Girls


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The outside cover is stunning. Can I get an amen?! The artwork done with the watercolors and gold embossed design make it very appealing to the eye. I know if I was buying a young lady a bible, I would have no problem with this design. I think it covers many types of personalities where it’s pretty but not so pretty where it excludes those who usually don’t go in the direction of “pretty” colors. It’s a nice balance.

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There’s gold all along the sides. Not real gold but that gold awesomeness they line the pages of the Bible with. Such a fitting thing! Amirite?! It shines ya’ll. I’m pretty sure the Lord can see you from heaven doing your bible time. It’s all the way around and another favorite thing my daughter loved about this bible.

The cover is not a leather or leather like feel. It’s a clothlike, canvas, tiny peach hair (worst description Bible Review NIV Artisan Collection Bible for Girls Image 1 #biblesforgirls #biblereview #biblesforteenagers #journalingbibles #bibleartjournaling #journalingartbibles #bibleart #biblejournaling #bibleartjournaling #bibleartjournalingforgirlsever but I think a lamb freshly shaven doesn’t quite cover it either because its softish but not quite that soft, I can hear the eyes of any publisher reading this forcibly rolling themselves back, my apologies!) It’s an easy to carry size although it is on the thicker side.


The print for the Artisan Collection Bible “for girls” is a “comfort print” where it’s supposed to make it easy to read. It is a nice font which is easy on the eyes for teen girls. I know some fonts in other bibles Bible Review NIV Artisan Collection Bible for Girls Image 9 #biblesforgirls #biblereview #biblesforteenagers #journalingbibles #bibleartjournaling #journalingartbibles #bibleart #biblejournaling #bibleartjournaling #bibleartjournalingforgirlscan have a hard, stuffy, edge but this font allows you to breathe a little and not feel like you have to sit up straight while reading it.

Like I said above, there are no extra commentaries or devotionals for girls to stumble upon while they are reading their Artisan Collection Bible “for girls”. I have to say I do miss that from this Bible, but this Bible is geared towards those girls who are into bible journaling not necessarily a “beginner’s bible”. Therefore, there is space on the sides to rock out your watercolors, pretty calligraphy, or whatever your little heart desires.

I have bought journaling bibles in the past for my daughter’s birthday. I had guests at her Sweet 16 write in the margins a message for her so as she reads the bible, she can stumble upon these messages. It has been fun through the years having her show me some of the messages even 3 years later. It’s a Bible Review NIV Artisan Collection Bible for Girls Image 10 #biblesforgirls #biblereview #biblesforteenagers #journalingbibles #bibleartjournaling #journalingartbibles #bibleart #biblejournaling #bibleartjournaling #bibleartjournalingforgirlsgreat gift idea and this Artisan Collection Bible can be gifted for a birthday or maybe a baptism. Whether you want to show your parent and convince them to buy it or you are buying it for a cousin, sister, friend, girl in the back seat of your classroom who needs a little something, something for encouragement. The possibilities are endless!


In the Preface, there is a breakdown of what the NIV translation consists of and how it was brought about, like what’s found in many bibles. I’m sure many people hop, skip, and jump right past this area but if you are a book/bible nerd like me then you usually stop to take a look.

This is where my honest bible review of the NIV Artisan Collection Bible for Girls comes in. This is an area where I think the language could’ve been geared toward the age group of this bible which is 8-12 years old but again, I think this Artisan Collection Bible for Girls could work for just about any age group. I think even Grandma would love it because of the comfort print.

Now let me say, I don’t believe in “dumbing down” anything for young girls/teenagers when it comes to explaining the Word of God. However, there is a language that can be used that is more digestible and understandable for different age groups. This is an area where I wish this bible had. In the Preface, when you use words like “mandate, syntax, Masoretic Text,” with no explanation of what those things are, then you are not being sensitive to age group you are trying to reach and they will not only hop, skip, and jump right past it, they may even rip it out and use it for bible journaling art scrap paper. I’m kidding. What kind of monster rips out papers from the Bible?! If this is you, I apologize my bible/book nerd is showing.

Rant over. Moving on…

Bible Review NIV Artisan Collection Bible for Girls Image 5 #biblesforgirls #biblereview #biblesforteenagers #journalingbibles #bibleartjournaling #journalingartbibles #bibleart #biblejournaling #bibleartjournaling #bibleartjournalingforgirlsThe words of Jesus Christ are written in red and many would argue that the whole Bible should be written in red because they are theological nerds (theological is a fancy word relating to the study of theology which is the study of our Christian faith/religious beliefs and all the details about it) but other than that, the inside is strictly the Word of God with no cross referencing (other scriptures given usually in the middle of the text, they are usually quite tiny) or concordance (different subjects to look up with the scriptures associated with it usually found in the back of the Bible, kind of like a glossary for the Bible) in the back. Das it! There is a space for notes in the back and space on the sides like I said before for hitting that paintbrush, colored pencils, stickers, artwork, reflections, or thoughts.

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Final Thoughts:

I think the NIV Artisan Collection Bible for Girls is a great bible for any age honestly. I hope you enjoyed this bible review and I hope you enjoy doing your artwork or whatever you want to write in the margins. It’s wonderful to have a bible you can make your own and look back on to see how far you’ve come. This is one of those bibles that can be that for you.

Let me know in the comments below if you plan on getting the NIV Artisan Collection Bible for Girls for someone or if you already have it!

Baskets of Blessings,

Nina Daugherty

Nina Daugherty

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